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Legislative Priorities

Background: The Indiana Transportation Association ("ITA") represents the interests of public mass transit agencies throughout Indiana.  ITA has been actively engaged, for many years, in attempting to help formulate positive Indiana public policy related to public transit. ITA and its legislative counsel have worked directly with members of the Indiana General Assembly, as well as Indiana's executive branch, to improve the availability, effectiveness and funding of public transit in Indiana. These efforts have produced varying levels of success over the years. Indiana public transit funding (in the form of the Public Mass Transportation Fund - "PMTF") was historically tied to the Indiana sales tax. Subsequently, the Indiana General Assembly uncoupled PMTF funding from the state sales tax. Since then, PMTF funding has been simply included in Indiana's biennial budgets in statutorily established amounts. PMTF funding has not increased since 2009. ITA has elected to redouble its advocacy efforts to achieve significant, sustainable, long term improvements in Indiana public mass transit policy.         

2019 ITA Legislative Goals:        

·         PMTF Funding: Increase PMTF state budget line item funding from $44 million to $60 million annually for  biennial budget.              

·         Local/ Creative Options: Explore innovative public mass transit funding mechanisms including, but not limited to:

o   increasing and indexing PMTF funding as a percentage of total transportation funding;

o   creation of local revenue options (with or without) local referenda;

o   creation of a state dollar match with federal transit dollars

·         Reversions: PMTF funding is expressly not subject to reversion. Despite this fact, PMTF funding has been subject to 3% annual reversions. Invalidate these reversions, restore the impermissibly reverted funds to the PMTF and emphatically re-establish the non-revertability of PMTF funds.

Click here to see the bills the ITA is tracking during the 2019 Legislative session.

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